Luxury Detailing 

Not quite ready for a full paint correction and coating? Not a problem! OLAS has you covered. We only use top of the line products giving incredible results. We have several packages to meet the needs of each individuals budget. We are more than happy to schedule a time and location that is of convenience to you. 

Services We Offer

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Whether you need a maintenance wash or major paint restoration, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, McLarens, Porsches and the like have special qualities which require extra training and knowledge to care for properly. Like any true luxury item, extreme care needs to be taken to preserve and protect the quality and aesthetic value of these handcrafted supercars. OLAS has extensive training and experience working on hundreds of exotic vehicles, and only top-of-the-line products are used in their care and maintenance. We provide an individual assessment of each vehicle before any work is done.

Child Car Seat 

Vacuum, shampoo, sanitize, and protected with stain repellent.


 *Note: Customer is responsible for re-installation

Paint Correction 

Scratches and oxidation are removed or minimized through professional techniques such as sanding, compounding and polishing

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Over-Spray Removal 

Paint contaminants such as road paint, house paint, etc. are safely removed from vehicle’s exterior surfaces​

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Clay Bar Treatment 

Paint is deep cleaned to remove bonded and embedded particles 

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Matte Finish Care 

Matte finishes are cleaned and protected using specialized products that will not add shine or streaks

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Window Polish

Glass is treated/polished to remove hard water spots, minor scratching and pitting to restore clarity 

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Trim Restoration

​Faded plastic and rubber trim is revived and protected to restore original color

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Wheel Polishing

Wheels are deep cleaned to remove contaminants, polished to restore luster and sealed with a special sealant for wheels

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Headlight Restoration

Wet sanding the exterior, removing the top coat, Using   2000 grit sandpaper to sand down and smooth using heavy grit compound polish.  Sealed with  sealant, waxed for protection.


Ceramic Pro Rain 

​(Windshield Coating) Windshield is treated with Ceramic Pro Rain which is a high quality coating, it repels water to improve visibility


Engine Cleaning

​Engine bay is thoroughly cleaned, protected and shined to desired luster


Full Shampoo

Carpet and upholstery is fully shampooed using professional hot water extractor


Leather Coating

Soft interior surfaces are protected with Ceramic Pro Leather. This product is made to repel liquids and stains


Pet Hair

Carpet and upholstery is deep cleaned to thoroughly remove pet hair


Sand Removal

Carpet and upholstery is deep cleaned to thoroughly remove  sand


Odor Removal

Vehicle interior is ozone treated to permanently remove organic odors including cigarette smoke, pet odors, etc. 

Note: Full interior detail is also required for this service


Gift Cards

We have Gift Cards available for purchase. Gift Cards  may be ordered by calling (407) 283-8675 or (407)715-0880

Extreme Cleaning 

Severely neglected interiors and/or exteriors receive extra attention to bring back to best possible condition

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